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Latest Census Timeline + New Resources Available

On Monday, the Census Bureau announced a revised outreach timeline for the 2020 Census. While these delays continue to affect outreach efforts around the state, let’s keep momentum going to take advantage of this extended self-response period!

To support your organization’s efforts, we’ve added new resources to! Now available:


Direct Mail Postcard

Image of Census Postcard

Customize with your organization’s name, address, and logo.(translations are underway and should be available soon!) 

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College Student Social Media Materials

Census College Post 4

With many students returning home or to somewhere other than their college residence, the U.S. Census Bureau has provided guidance for students and parents on how to complete the census accurately. Use these social media messages and graphics to inform your community, and update them to make them more relevant given your specific needs.

>> Download Messaging & Graphics

COVID-19 Messages Translated in 9 Languages

This special resource includes messages to help you in your digital communications efforts, as well as phone and text efforts. Reaching out through every non-in-person means necessary is vital during this self-response period. Use this resource to support your outreach via social media, email, website, phone calls, and text messages.

>> Download Your Language

Translated Q&A Posters

Screen Shot 2020 04 17 At 1.14.26 Pm

This set of posters answers common questions about the census, including why participation is important, whether someone will come to your door, who gets counted, if there is a question about citizenship. Post these in high-traffic areas, on message boards, public gathering places, or wherever people in your community might see them. Now available in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, English, Korean, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese! 

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If you have any needs for additional materials, let us know. We’re here to support your efforts!


Complete your census now.